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Backup Camera Systems for Commercial Vehicles

Outfit Your Fleet with a Visual Safety Solution

At Rosco, we believe shifting into reverse should never include guesswork or obstructed vision which is why we created a variety of backup systems to fit anyone of your fire vehicles. With options including 4 camera inputs for multiple views around the vehicle, night vision, waterproof durability, and 120° field of vision, we have the system to meet you and your fleet’s needs! Engineered for a higher standard of vehicle vision safety, installing one of our backup camera systems in your vehicle improves the driver’s visibility exponentially!

Our backup systems with multiple camera inputs allow you to add side cameras for all-around blind spot reductions. Choose your preferred monitor size with features tailored to your fleet needs and operational conditions. We have the multi-camera configurations that allow for split second viewing transitions. Or you may want a commercial backup camera system with a built-in microphone. When live audio is heard through monitor speakers, drivers gain another safety resource.

Consider premium backup cameras for vehicles that face demanding conditions. Backup sensor accessories help you maintain and utilize your safety systems for extended use. Each of our backup kits comes with sensors, a display unit and wireless control box. Using ultrasonic technology, our backup sensors for cars automatically detect the distance between a vehicle and rear obstructions.

Whichever way you reverse, Rosco has you covered!

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