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Thanks to Training, Manatee County (FL) Among the Safest of Drivers

The photo shows a close up of a Manatee County EMS badge.

A rigorous training program has helped the county reduce accidents involving ambulances, leading to one of the highest safety records.

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Grants Awarded to Schuylkill County (PA) Fire and EMS

It was announced Thursday that 97 Schuylkill County (PA) fire departments and EMS companies will be receiving more than $1.2 million in grants from the annual Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program. This program, according to Shook News, provides funding to local first responders across the state for eligible projects. These grants go toward upgrades, new equipment and ...

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Building the ‘Simbulance’: An Ambulance Simulator

Simulation is recommended by the National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) as an important part of EMS training.¹ In 2015, NAEMSE released a vision paper concurrently with the Simulation Use in Paramedic Education Research (SUPER) study.² Although the study focused on paramedic programs, many of the same principles apply to EMT training. Simulation in healthcare education overall is a critical ...

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Why EMS Cross-Training is a Great Idea

A good firefighter is a cross-trained firefighter. Members who know how best to be an engine company member AND a ladder company member are imperative to a well-run fire department. Anybody who has donned turnout gear knows this and prides himself on his ability to adapt to whatever task that needs doing on whichever crew. Being assigned to either an ...

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EMS Drills for the Engine Company

Register now for this training event This is a different approach to proficient medical care by first-arriving engine companies at emergency scenes. Students are given methods to increase resourcefulness, thus improving comfort levels on medical emergencies. The focus is on how to challenge your engine company with patient assessment drills, CPR drills, and patient packaging drills. The presentation provides evidence ...

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Keep Your Students Engaged in the Classroom Through Teamwork

By BRIAN POND   Scenario: You are tasked with teaching an emergency medical services (EMS) drill on splinting to your crew. As you attempt to devise scenarios for the training, you ask yourself, “How am I going to get the crew to take this seriously? What if they get bored? Will the training be effective?” These thoughts can be intimidating ...

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Grant to help fire/ems training efforts

For a few years the Newton Fire/EMS department used borrowed equipment to help nursing homes and businesses practice using fire extinguishers – and it was a system that left those places needing to recharge several of their extinguishers when the training was over.”We would show up with a pan of combustable material, go into their parking lot and light it ...

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Engine Company EMS: Training EMS for the Fireground

By Michael Morse After 10 years of training and experience in busy fire companies, I was fortunate to become an officer on ALS Rescue Co. 1 in Providence, Rhode Island. Comparatively, few crews handle emergency medical services (EMS) in Providence, and we were “out” far more often than we were “in.” The opportunity to be first on scene at building ...

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