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AccuStyle® FD Mirror

A New Line of Fire Safety Mirrors

The AccuStyle FD is a revolutionary new mirror series provided by Rosco. When design aspects of the aerodynamic Accu Style® and the versatile OpenView® mirror series come together, your fire vehicle will have a new and secure chrome apparatus allowing remarkably versatile visibility.

The loop style arm and detent mount combined with the smooth, aerodynamic shape and light texture of the AccuStyle® will lower wind drag to help increase fuel efficiency. The heavy duty “spin” structure isolates the mirror from vibrations while the FD assembly’s concealed wire harnessing allows for a seamless design to the vehicle. Incorporating the “open” nature of this design increases visibility and safety for the fire apparatus operator and pedestrians.

“We designed the Accu Style® FD mirror to assist with the complex driving environments that apparatus operators face. The FD mirror helps increase visibility for the driver and increase safety for those on and around the vehicle.” Jim Fecile, Public Safety Sales Manager at Rosco.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, vibration reducing design. Certified by OEMs to meet FMVSS-111 requirements.
  • A separate full flat 8” x 15” Accu Style® mirror head and an 8” x 6” convex OpenView® mirror head on a loop style arm.
  • Two point detent mounts for maximum stability
  • Aerodynamic, wind tunnel tested profile has lower drag coefficient for increased fuel economy.
  • Available motorized or hand adjustable.
  • Available with heated and LED turn signal options
  • Each motorized mirror lens is four way adjustable.
  • Hidden wire and connectors.
  • Full height rear entry cap allows for simple installation and ease of maintenance with access to all wires and harnesses.


The Accu Style® design combines elegant aerodynamic design in an extremely functional and feature-rich mirror.

Advantages range from hidden wiring and fasteners to vibration resistance. Space-age resins and stainless steel make the Accu Style® durable and corrosion proof.

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