The guardian angel of driving safety and liability protection

Let the culmination of Rosco’s 20 years of video recording experience protect your driving fire vehicle. Cyl-V™ is a single outward facing camera offering incredible HD video and optional audio recording, which is saved to a uniquely locked 16GB micro SD card that is tamperproof and hardwired for automatic startup and shutdown with vehicle ignition Even with various video quality selected, you will get a minimum of 3.5 continuous hours recording time working in a loop format that runs infinitely. Since the Cly-V™ replaces the oldest video footage with newest, it never needs SD card formatting. Check risky, distracted, or concerning behavior with its built in accelerometer that precisely calculates G-force events and highlights this video for stress-free video review. The friendly chime and reminder notifies drivers of G-force or speeding event occurrences and is like having a safety professional sit side by side with your driver at all times. Feel safe knowing where your vehicle is at all times with CYL-V Automotive HD Video Recorder with GPS.


  • Full HD Video Recording
  • 3 Megapixel CMOS Camera
  • 16 GB micro SD card
  • Continuous Recording
  • Event Logging
  • Video File Encryption
  • Audio Recording (Adjustable – ON/OFF)
  • Parking Surveillance
  • G-Force Sensor
  • Photo Capture
  • Driver Event Button
  • Security Lock w/ two keys
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • Micro SD Card
  • GPS
  • Cyl-V™ App available for download with the DV303 and DV304 Wi-Fi models.
  • Complimentary Cyl-V™ Player Software used to review and organize data collected from the micro SD card and adjust the parameters for the X, Y, & Z sensor levels, time zones and speed settings.
  • Optional integral GPS antenna using Google Maps allows post route review of video at specific locations

Accessories Include:

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