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Rosco’s latest innovation in video recording technology is the new Dual-Vision XC4 is an essential addition to your fire vehicles. Dual-Vision XC4 has the capacity to identify unsafe driving behavior through its ability to continuously record video and provide instant driver feedback when an event occurs. The friendly chime and reminder notifies drivers of G-force or speeding event occurrences and is like having a safety professional sit side by side with your driver at all times. Maximize your data’s potential with the DV-Pro® 5 fleet database management system which is specifically for organizing information captured by Dual-Vision XC recording devices. DV-Pro® 5 makes it fast and easy to view or transfer recorded data, locate specific events on footage, archive or discard content, and compile reports or email files. Add Dual Vision XC4 to your fire vehicle and know that we make your safety our priority.

Key Features

  • HD Quality Video Recording
  • 2 Built-In CMOS Digital Color Cameras
  • 1 Built-in Microphone
  • 720p Forward View Camera, 960H Interior Camera
  • Optional 960H Auxiliary Cameras For a Total of Four Views
  • One-Piece Locking Mounting Bracket Protects SD Card
  • Compatible with Current and Future High-Capacity SD Memory Cards
  • 3,000+ hours of Recording Time per High-Capacity SD Card
  • 246 MB RAM Emergency Video Event Backup
  • Built-in Infrared LED’s for Excellent Night Interior View
  • Includes DV-Pro® 5 Software
  • Includes Database Management and Alert Notification
  • Optional Auto Download System – Highest Wi-Fi Speeds
  • Optional 4G Cellular Compatibility For Live Tracking and Video Streaming

Learn more about Dual Vision XC4 here!