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Mobileye® Collision Avoidance System

Prevent Vehicle-to-Pedestrian Incidents

Fleet managers have installed the Mobileye® Collision Avoidance System in some of the world’s best-run fleets including cars, trucks, service vehicles and taxis, in both rural and urban environments. These global organizations have experienced significant reductions in incidents, collisions and associated costs. Your fleet can accomplish the same.

The Collision Avoidance System for commercial vehicles includes three (3) display modules that alert the driver, visually and audibly,  when the bus is in motion, and a pedestrian and/or cyclist is in one of the danger zones around the bus.

In addition to all the benefits of the original Mobileye® Collision Avoidance System, this unique, multi-vision-sensor system provides drivers with alerts when pedestrians and cyclists are in the danger zones on the side of the bus.  Pedestrians and cyclists often are not seen by the driver when the bus is making turns on tight, busy city streets.  The addition of the pedestrian and cycle side-sensing alerts the driver to pedestrians and cyclists in the bus’ path, before an incident occurs, giving the driver time to react and take corrective action.  These alerts can help save lives and improve your organization’s safety record.

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