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New York Ambulance Service Finally Getting Ambulance

Rotterdam EMS will finally receive money for a new ambulance, six years after being awarded the grant.(Photo/Rotterdam EMS Facebook)

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. – An Upstate New York ambulance service is finally in line to buy a new ambulance with grant money after six years of delays.

Rotterdam EMS was awarded the $125,000 in 2014 but faced years of paperwork, fundraising and an audit by the state since then, WNYT-TV reports.

Dean Romero, the director of the ambulance service, said he can’t even remember how many hours they spent filling out paperwork.

“When we uploaded that [audit] information all of the paperwork had expired then we had to do all the paperwork over again starting from scratch,” Romero told the station. “Which we did and now and we submitted and then I took a couple months for them to re-pre-approve us. Now that that’s done we are in the final stages. I anticipate 30 to 60 days we’ll get the money.”

The money is coming at a good time, Romero added. Two of their ambulances recently broke down and only one was able to be repaired.

The new ambulance will mean Rotterdam EMS will be operating with a full fleet of vehicles.

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