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Elko (NV) Takes Delivery of Type 1 Ambulance

The Elko (NV) Fire Department (EFD) has debuted a brand-new ambulance that was initially to be paid for out of CARES Act money. However, the city has spent all of the nearly $3.8 million coming from the federal government, so the city is now paying for the new vehicle, according to the Elko Daily Times.

Financial Services Director Jan Baum said the city of Elko spent the entire amount of CARES money before the December 30 deadline after a new federal guidance reimbursed the city for law enforcement and firefighter salaries.

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The purchase of the new EFD ambulance could still some from CARES Act funding if there are other disputed figures, but otherwise will be out of city funds, Baum said.

EFD Deputy Chief Jack Snyder said that the 2020 ambulance cost slightly more than $198,000. It replaces an 18-year-old ambulance that had major mechanical issues.

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Crews are now training on the new ambulance. The EFD must also obtain a license from the state Emergency Medical Services so the vehicle can act as a backup to the Elko County Ambulance Service.