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Truck Driver, Ambulance Crew Hurt in NY Crash

Photo/Brewster Fire Department

Photo/Brewster Fire Department

An ambulance crew and a truck driver were sent to the hospital after a crash in New York State, authorities said.

On Saturday May 14, the Brewster Fire Department was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident with injuries on Interstate 84.

While responding, Putnam 911 reported a second accident involving an overturned tractor trailer. In the second accident, Brewster’s ambulance was struck by a tractor trailer.

The crashed caused both vehicles into the guardrail and center median. The truck was carrying milk, and some of it spilled, along with 250 gallons of diesel fuel.

The ambulance crew and the truck driver were transported to Danbury and Putnam Hospital with minor injuries.

Brewster Fire operated at the scene for just over four hours before turning the scene over to New York State Police.