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Mackinac Island (MI) EMS Gets Custom Wheeled Coach Ambulance

Wheeled Coach built this Citi Medic Type III ambulance on a Chevy G3500 chassis with independent front suspension for Mackinac Island (MI) EMS.

Mackinac Island EMS found an ambulance to fit the unique needs of the island community that bans motor vehicles for civilian use.

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Development and Characterization of Two Low-Cost UV Decontamination Units for PPE and Ambulances

This article discusses the development of two ultraviolet decontamination systems that are inexpensive and simple to construct.

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American Emergency Vehicles® Introduces Firstar™ to Its Lineup

American Emergency Vehicles expands its extensive portfolio of vehicles to include the Firstar Modular 146” model.

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Road Rescue Delivers Four Type 1 Ambulances to Lexington County (SC) EMS

Road Rescue built four Type 1 ambulances for Lexington County (SC) EMS on Dodge 4500 4x2 Ultramedic chassis with Liquid Spring rear suspensions.

At the end of 2018, Lexington County decided to design an ambulance that provides the greatest safety for staff and patients

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Driver Thrown from Vehicle after Sideswiping Ambulance in NJ

New Jersey State Police

A driver was thrown from his vehicle after he sideswiped an ambulance and ran off I-280 in Morris County, police said.

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How to Obtain Those Tricky Ambulance Billing Signatures

A patient in the back of an ambulance during a training drill.

Jason D. Haag writes about the importance of having the Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form filled out correctly.

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Photos: Vernon Township (IN) Ambulance Enters Service

The Vernon Township (IN) Fire Department placed Medic 431 in service earlier this month.

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First Fully Electric Ambulance Launched in the UK

The photo shows an electric ambulance.

The ambulance is powered by a 96kW battery pack which provides a top speed of 75 mph and can achieve a range of 105-110 miles with a current recharge time of four hours.

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Margate-Coconut Creek (FL) Fire Rescue Gets Two New Wheeled Coach Type 1 Rigs

Margate-Coconut Creek (FL) Fire Rescue had Wheeled Coach build it two Type 1 ambulances on Freightliner M2 chassis with extended cabs and 180-inch long patient modules.

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‘Smartbulance:’ Telemedicine Monitoring for COVID-19 Patient Evacuation

Learn how Magen David Adom in Israel started operating double-cabin ambulances to transport COVID-19 patients to the hospital.

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