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American Emergency Vehicles Delivers Type 3 Ambulance to Somerset (PA) Area Ambulance Association

American Emergency Vehicles (AEV) built this Type 3 ambulance built on a 2021 Ford E-350 two-wheel drive chassis to Somerset (PA) Area Ambulance Association.

American Emergency Vehicles built the ambulance on a 2021 Ford E-350 two-wheel drive chassis for the Somerset (PA) Area Ambulance Association.

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REV Group Partners with Consus Global to Drive Supply Chain Efficiencies

The photo shows the REV Group logo.

REV Group®, a provider of industry-leading specialty vehicles, announced today its multi-year agreement with Consus Global.

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Las Cruces (NM) Certified to Provide Ambulance Services

A Las Cruces Fire Department ambulance

The Las Cruces Fire Department has received a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.

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Rural Ambulance Services Are in Jeopardy

The photo shows the grill of an orange ambulance.

In rural America, it’s increasingly difficult for ambulance services to respond to emergencies. The reasons are complex.

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The Future is Electric

Japan's first Zero Emission (EV) ambulance delivered to the Tokyo Fire Department Ikebukuro Fire Station started operations in 2020.

Whether we like it or not, electric ambulances are most likely the wave of the future for many services, writes Jason Haag.

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Needham (MA) Fire Department Gets Horton Type 1 Ambulance

Needham (MA) Fire Department had Horton Emergency Vehicles build this Type 1 advanced life support (ALS) ambulance on a Ford F-550 4x4 Super Duty chassis.

Needham (MA) Fire Department had Horton Emergency Vehicles build a Type 1 ALS ambulance on a Ford F-550 4x4 Super Duty chassis.

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Microchip Shortage Causes Problems for West Chester (OH) Fire Department

The photo shows the front of an ambulance.

A severe global shortage of microchips is causing issues for West Chester Twp. fire department's equipment replacement program.

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Reyco Granning’s TransportMaster® Suspension System Is Now a Published Option

TransportMaster® is a turn-key bolt-on upgrade to replace factory leaf springs on Class 3-5 Ford, Ram, GM, and EV chassis.

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Photos: Easton (MA) Takes Delivery of Horton Type I Ambulance

The Dodge 5500 features a i4G Camera System, a HOPS system, Whelen M Series Lighting and more.

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Three Trapped after ME Ambulance Slams into Utility Pole

An East Millinocket Ambulance is shown with damage to the hood after slamming into a utility pole.

An East Millinocket Ambulance swerved to avoid an animal in the road and crashed into a utility pole, causing live wires to fall on the rig.

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