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I Am Transporting a Sick Baby, but How Sick Is It?

The photo shows the back of an ambulance

Securing the patient appropriately for transport is just as important as treatment. Does your ambulance have devices for appropriately and safely securing neonatal patients, infants, toddlers and older children?

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Police: PA Thief Tried to Get Away in Ambulance, Couldn’t Drive It


A woman accused of stealing from a gas station convenience store tried to flee in an ambulance but couldn’t drive it, police said.

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First Response Won’t Buy New Ambulances Until Decatur (AL) Changes Ordinance

The photo shows the back of an ambulance.

The city has already dropped its demand for a performance bond and issued a certificate to operate.

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CA Hospitals Are Running Low on Oxygen. Why?

Oxygen tanks

Fully repairing the crippled oxygen distribution systems at aging hospitals throughout Southern California may end up being a complicated endeavor.

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American Emergency Vehicles® Introduces Traumahawk Telematics™ to Protect Crew and Fleets

American Emergency Vehicles

Traumahawk Telematics generates advanced vehicle informatics to help ambulance fleet owners manage their fleets more efficiently and keep their crews and patients more safe.

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American Emergency Vehicles® Introduces Firstar™ to Its Lineup

American Emergency Vehicles expands its extensive portfolio of vehicles to include the Firstar Modular 146” model.

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‘COVID’ Ambulances to Hit the Road in Converse (TX)

Converse, TX city hall

The city of Converse expects to have three new ambulances on the road by mid-January after receiving the specially equipped state-of-the-art infectious disease transporters last month.

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Road Rescue Delivers Four Type 1 Ambulances to Lexington County (SC) EMS

Road Rescue built four Type 1 ambulances for Lexington County (SC) EMS on Dodge 4500 4x2 Ultramedic chassis with Liquid Spring rear suspensions.

At the end of 2018, Lexington County decided to design an ambulance that provides the greatest safety for staff and patients

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ESO Data Show EMS Personnel Experience Substantial Exposure to COVID-19 Patients in Confined Spaces

The data show EMS personnel spend more than 30 minutes with each COVID-19 patient, often in a confined, poorly ventilated space.

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Wallowa (OR) Memorial Hospital Ready for New Four-Wheel Drive Ambulance

The rural Oregon county – with a population of a little more than 7,000 people – is known for its wintry climate and rugged terrain.

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