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Lightning eMotors and REV Group Subsidiary to Produce Electric Ambulances

Lightning eMotors and REV Group, Inc. announce they are co-developing all-electric ambulances with Leader Emergency Vehicles.

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First Fully Electric Ambulance Launched in the UK

The photo shows an electric ambulance.

The ambulance is powered by a 96kW battery pack which provides a top speed of 75 mph and can achieve a range of 105-110 miles with a current recharge time of four hours.

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Electric Ambulance Starts Operating in Tokyo

Japan’s first electric ambulance delivered to the Tokyo Fire Department has started operation, the company behind the vehicle said. The vehicle is operated by the Ikebukuro Fire Department’s daytime emergency services, according to the Nissan Motor Company. The vehicle is equipped with two lithium-ion batteries of 33kWh and 8kWh. It is possible to operate electrical equipment and air conditioners for ...

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