More safety features and technology for new Tucson Fire engines and medic trucks


But to help the blind spots, the new engines have cameras on the back and right side. 

“When they are changing lanes or turning that they would be able to have those eyes there,” he said. 

There are also LED lights on fold down steps, rollover protection airbags, and as each truck turns on then the power cord ejects itself. 

Inside there is seat detection making sure everyone is buckled in. 

The department’s new medic trucks have new suspension and a power load system for its gurney. 

TUCSON, Ariz. – There will be more safety on the roads for drivers and Tucson firefighters. The Tucson Fire Department recently received two new fire engines, a ladder truck and nine medic trucks all equipped with new safety features and technology. The new fire engines have chevrons on the back of the truck to reflect […]

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