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Video: Road Rescue Ambulance Factory Tour

Welcome to Seamless Performance and Enlightened Design. We're excited to take you behind the scenes where our advanced engineering ER-inspired ergonomic design, premium safety and customization come to life. At Road Rescue, our proud, devoted team puts their experience to work, building ambulances that survive and conquer the most severe conditions and elements. Come join us for an exclusive look inside Road Rescue.

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Video: Protect Your Crew (full version)

A true story of a fire department that asked the right questions to ensure their EMS crew would be protected when it mattered most..

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Video: Horton 2022 National Show Ambulance

Join us for a walk-thru of Horton's 2022 National Show Ambulance.

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Video: Road Rescue Ambulance – FDIC 2022 Walk Around Video

Join Road Rescue's own Mark Schwartzbauer for an up close and personal tour of the Road Rescue Ultramedic ambulance - now available with RollTek airbags, in addition to all of the other optional and standard features that position Road Rescue as a leader in emergency vehicles for mobile healthcare.

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Video: Wheeled Coach Ambulance Walk Around at FDIC 2022

Join us for a preview of the newly offered RollTek side airbag system; coupled with our exclusive Per4Max restraint system, you can keep your crew safer in the event of an accident. Keeping providers safe is part of the reason Wheeled Coach is Trusted by the Toughest.

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Video: AEV FDIC2022 Ambulance Walkaround

Join AEV's own Randy Barr for an insider's tour of an exceptional AEV ambulance. (He's a fast talker, so fasten your seatbelt and pay attention!)

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University of Minnesota Launches Mobile ECMO Truck with Virtual Reality Component

U of M Minnesota Mobile Resuscitation Consortium truck

Truck allows emergency responders to treat patients on site, and cardiology physicians can also be brought in to assist via virtual reality.

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Video: Collier Township (PA) EMS Providers Nearly Hit by Truck

The two responded to the scene of a minor accident when a truck crossed the centerline and nearly hit the workers and another person.

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Wheeled Coach® Celebrates 45 Years

Wheeled Coach

Wheeled Coach, an industry-leading manufacturer of emergency vehicles, marks its 45th year with a campaign to celebrate its renowned legacy.

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