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9/11 Heroes, Victims Honored by AMR in KS

The photo shows two ambulances facing away from each other.

American Medical Response has two ambulances that honor 9/11 heroes and victims. (Photo/American Medical Response)

American Medical Response (AMR) has added two ambulances in Kansas that honors those who died and the heroes who responded to the 9/11 attacks.

The ambulances feature patriotic, commemorative designs, including a representation of the World Trade Center towers with the words “Never Forget.”

Another design shows the Pentagon and Twin Towers and the message “Patriot Day; We Will Never Forget.”

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The ambulances will be used for special events and emergency and non-emergency responses in Topeka and Shawnee County.

AMR has 19 ambulances in Shawnee County and responded to 28,151 requests for service last year.