Contain the Risks to Full Exposure

Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear (CBRN) threats can result in mass casualties or disrupt entire ecosystems. CBRN defense initiatives have been part of the discussions for government and healthcare organizations since the early 1950s, examining the need for protective measures for the hazards these threats may present.

In recent years, CBRN defense has gained even more traction, with nuclear and biological threats being at the center of political tensions while the reality of increased access to chemicals and materials required for manufacturing weapons continues to be a problem.

With the risks of exposure and the potential to shut down entire operations, CBRN defense aims at mitigating the dangers they pose to our first-responders and healthcare workers’ safety and wellbeing.

The COVID-19 pandemic creating shortages of vital personal protective equipment along with the use of adulterated equipment has reinforced the need for reliable and innovative ways to protect our heroes, providing them with solutions that have been tested, validated, and utilized even in the most complex situations.

Founded in 1999, ISOVAC designs, develops, commercializes, and manufactures products for CBRN isolation, containment, and protection solutions. ISOVAC’s cutting-edge products are designed to mitigate the risks and adverse effects of exposure. As a provider of recognized isolation solutions, ISOVAC has worked with government organizations around the world.

ISOVAC’s flagship product, the CAPSULS™ (Containment And Protection System Utilizing Life Support) is a portable Patient Isolation Unit (PIU) enabling medical intervention through carefully designed features that maintain end-user’s safety while preventing chemical, biological and radiological cross-contamination. Created as a response to the increasing threat of chemical weapons during the Gulf War, the CAPSULS offers protection for first-responders against a broad range of Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC), Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), and biological hazards in various forms. The device’s unrivaled portability with improved pack and reduced system weight is designed to be rapidly deployed, allowing patients to be isolated within minutes and allows for safe transportation of patients through aircraft, ambulances, ships, or any other vehicle capable of safely relocating a patient on a standard litter.

The ORCA™ (Operation Rescue Containment Apparatus), specifically designed for use in marine environments, has rapidly gained popularity and approval since its creation, positioning ISOVAC as the sole-source provider of PIU for the U.S. Coast Guard. The unit is built from selectively permeable fabric and exhaust filtering to prevent chemical and biological cross-contamination between an enclosed patient and the external environment during evacuation and transport activities and ensure pathogens containment. Created for the most rigorous conditions, the ORCA is intended to respond to the demand of hoisting operations that requires the litter and has been tested and shown to meet and exceed U.S. Military Target Performance Value (TPV).

With its CAPSULS and ORCA being the only FDA Cleared Class II Medical Devices under 510(k), ISOVAC is the only manufacturer of certified PIUs in the United States.

Finally, with the CBAG™, a Contaminated Human Remain Pouch (CHRP), ISOVAC provides a portable solution with unsurpassed protection for stand-alone transportation of CBR contaminated remains, equipment and field gears, allowing for temporary storage while awaiting decontamination or burial. The CBAG can also offer protection to uncontaminated equipment and supplies during transport in biohazard-contaminated areas.


ISOVAC Products LLC is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of CBR isolation, containment and protection of personnel, casualties, remains, equipment and transport assets designed to mitigate the risks and adverse effects of CBR warfare and terrorist attacks, viral outbreaks (e.g., COVID-19, H5N1, SARS, Ebola, etc.), industrial accidents, and natural disasters. ISOVAC leading-edge manufacturing facilities can also draw on the additional capabilities of experienced contract manufacturers as needed. As a manufacturer of medical devices, ISOVAC employs manufacturing processes and production controls compliant with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). With over 150 years of combined expertise in product engineering, design, and manufacturing, ISOVAC can quickly respond to customer needs for modifications of existing products or the development of products for new applications in the chemical and biological defense arena.

For more information about ISOVAC’s products sold and distributed by Unifire, visit or contact us at +1 (800) 745.3282 +1 (509) 535.7746 or via email at [email protected]

Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear (CBRN) threats can result in mass casualties or disrupt entire ecosystems.

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