Technimount EMS Introduces the Most Versatile Mounting System for Pumps

Technimount EMS (“Technimount”), an affiliate company of Technimount System and leading provider of mounting solutions for medical devices, is proud to introduce a new product line dedicated to securing multiple perfusion and infusion pumps. Technimount EMS offers state- of-the-art mounting solutions for Critical Care Transport and its newest addition to the Bracket Pro Serie® family facilitates medical device management during ground and air Critical Care Transport (CCT) while ensuring crew and patient safety.

CCT teams are continuously faced with finding the best ways of securing life-sustaining medical devices during inter-facility patient transfers. Technimount’s revolutionary solutions provide more flexibility within the different applications such as on a stretcher, surface, or wall, while being compliant with the highest industry standards for ground and air transport. This new product line integrates unique features highly appreciated by CCT teams such as: a design to secure multiple perfusion and infusion pumps; individual locking mechanisms on each pump holder; Red Quick Release Mechanisms to instantly remove the pump from its mounting system; universal back and bottom Micro Discs for additional mounting flexibility.

The Bracket Pro Serie®(BP) portfolio now includes a comprehensive product line of mounting systems for pumps such as: B.Braun® Infusomat® and Perfusor® pumps (BP 80-GR1, GR3, FL4), Eitan Medical® Sapphire™ pumps (BP 92-FL3 and FL4), Baxter® Sigma Spectrum™ (BP 120-GR3, FL3) and Spectrum IQ™ pumps (BP 121-GR1, GR3, FL3), Smiths Medical® Medfusion®4000 pump (BP-152), in addition to the Laerdal Compact Suction Unit®4 (BP-77).

Together with the rest of the Bracket Pro Serie® product lines for monitors, defibrillators and ventilators, our new medical pump line confirms Technmount’s leadership in responding to the needs of Critical Care Transport teams and services, enabling them to safely manage the transport of multiple life-sustaining medical pumps that improve patient care.

“The launch of the Bracket Pro Serie® for Pumps continues to demonstrate our commitment with the healthcare community to offer the safest and most flexible mounting systems for medical devices,” said Carl Bouchard, Founder and CEO of Technimount System. “We are proud to launch this new product line that responds to the specific needs of the CCT services which provides enhanced versatility and safety. We will continue to work closely with the industry towards developing the most revolutionary systems that will help improve patient care”.

The Bracket Pro Serie® pump product line was presented for the first time at FDIC/JEMS Conference along with other new brackets for medical devices.

Technimount EMS is proud to introduce a new product line dedicated to securing multiple perfusion and infusion pumps.

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