A New EMS Station Is Coming to Pittsburgh for the First Time in 30 Years

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Laura Esposito
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Almost 30 years have passed since Pittsburgh has seen a new medic station — until now.

Public safety and public works officials on Friday announced the construction of a new Medic 4 Station on the North Side. It will be the first medical facility built since 1996.

“We’re trying to change the bureau of EMS; we have to move into the 21st century,” EMS Chief Amera Gilchrist said at the site of the current station at 213 Lafayette Ave.

Officials said that the original building, a historical landmark built in the 1800s, will be demolished in the coming weeks. Then, construction of the new, state-of-the-art station will begin on the same site.

Public Works Director Chris Hornstein said the new facility was “many years in the making” and called it “the first in a long line of improvements.”

The building was designed to meet Passivhaus standards — a voluntary energy efficient standard focusing on reducing energy used for heating and cooling, Mr. Hornstein said.

It will also be large enough to accommodate four ambulances and will feature several other facilities, including a workout room.

“It’s not just a high performance [building] in terms of energy; it’s a high performance [building] for the people that serve,” he said. “This one’s for EMS.”

Mayor Ed Gainey said the plans for a new facility had been “way too long of a wait.”

“Like anything else in the city, we haven’t taken advantage of investing in our assets,” he said. “Then they get to a point where they’re outdated and no longer usable, so I’m thrilled we’re building it.”

Mr. Gainey said the continued renovation of facilities would make for a better, more innovative city.

“If we can just continue to do this, we can catch up and have a modernized city,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about — everyday build to give better.”


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Almost 30 years have passed since Pittsburgh has seen a new medic station — until now.

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