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LAFD Augments Fast Response Vehicle Deployment

Photo/Los Angeles Fire Department

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Fire Department’s Fast Response Vehicle (FRV) program is expanding.

The department now has four FRV’s in service, providing a flexible, multi-mission resource to respond to fire and emergency medical service calls.

The firefighter/paramedics assigned to the unit have an unique authorization from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services to medically clear certain patients experiencing acute behavioral crises or chronic public inebriation for transport to either a Mental Health Urgent Care Center or Sobering Center, rather than to a traditional hospital emergency room.

In addition, all LAFD FRV personnel are now certified Tactical EMS (TEMS) units and are available to support LAPD SWAT Team efforts. With the addition of FRV 82 in Hollywood, the LAFD now has FRV’s assigned within all four of the department’s geographic bureaus.

Unit 82 in the picture is a 2001 Ford that once served as a Brush Patrol unit.