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New Orleans (LA) EMS Receives Donation to Help Bariatric Patients

A grant from Touro Infirmary will help New Orleans (LA) EMS transport bariatric patients. (Provided photo)

A $29,000 donation to the New Orleans EMS Foundation (NOEMSF) will allow New Orleans EMS to purchase and retrofit an ambulance with the required equipment to safely transport a bariatric patient.

The money comes from Touro Infirmary.

“Currently, we cannot transport any patient over 700 pounds without difficulty and are seeing more patients that reach this limit more frequently,” said Bill Salmeron, Chief of New Orleans EMS.

“We are incredibly appreciative and overwhelmed by Touro Infirmary’s generosity, and their commitment to helping the men and women of New Orleans EMS provide the best possible patient care. We look forward to observing the positive impact this has on our community,” said NOEMSF President Nick Stathopoulos.

“Touro is pleased to support the New Orleans EMS Foundation as they improve accessibility of their emergency vehicles to provide patient care. For over 167 years, Touro has lived out the mission of caring for our community and we view this as an opportunity to continue that legacy and ensure each member of our community has access to care,” said Manny Linares, president and CEO of Touro Infirmary.