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Hurricane (WV) Fire and Rescue Receives New Horton Ambulance

Photo/Hurricane Fire & Rescue

A new Horton ambulance was recently delivered to the Hurricane (WV) Fire and Rescue Department.

In addition to emergency calls, the ambulance can handle critical care and long-distance inter-facility transports, WOWK-TV reports.

“It will be used to answer EMS calls to assist Putnam County EMS when they do not have the units available to rapidly respond to calls,” according to Fire Chief Deron Wilke. “We will also use the vehicle to respond to calls and provide care until the transporting ambulance arrives on scene.”

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The ambulance, which was made possible through a donation by a local bank, also has room for four care providers.

“MEDIC-825 will be in service soon and serving the community!” the department wrote on Facebook.

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