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American Emergency Vehicles Moving to New Manufacturing Complex, Expanding Capacity

AEV is investing in its future.

AEV is investing in its future. (Photo/American Emergency Vehicles)

American Emergency Vehicles® (AEV), the nation’s top-selling brand of ambulances, announces that it is consolidating their operations into one main AEV complex, spread over 35 acres in Jefferson, NC. The investment brings together AEV’s comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, including: five lines of production, an in-house paint shop, complete chassis modifications, remount services, and parts and service centers into one integrated 300,000 square foot campus.

“This is an important investment for our team and our community.” said Randy Hanson, Vice President and General Manager, AEV. “Our decision to move to one unified complex versus several buildings spread out over five miles, reinforces our strong culture, enhances our production capabilities, improves operating efficiencies, and allows for future growth.”

AEV’s consolidation is being executed in a phased approach to avoid any disruption to production.   Facility refurbishments are expected to be concluded by the end of this summer and all equipment installation should be completed by February 2022.   The new facility layout will provide several key advantages:

  • Expansion from 4 production lines to 5 increases production capacity to allow for additional growth.
  • Single-piece flow through all stages of the state-of-the-art paint process for new and remounted ambulances provides greater consistency.
  • Utilization of designated quality gates will further enhance overall vehicle quality.

“AEV has an unwavering commitment to caring for our staff, customers and dealers,” continued Hanson.   “Our new, unified manufacturing facility will allow us to deliver our American-crafted excellence and customer experience in the best possible environment.”