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Lifeline Ambulance Celebrates New Headquarters in Commerce (CA)

On July 2, Lifeline Ambulance marked its 20th anniversary as a dedicated Emergency Medical Service provider in SoCal. 

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Wheeled Coach and Road Rescue Invest in New Paint System at Orlando (FL) Manufacturing Facility

The system monitors the ratio of protective coatings and paint, and controls the application via air pressure and fluid rate regulation.

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Harris County (TX) Emergency Services District 11 Running Up to 28 AEV Type 1 Ambulances Delivered in Past Year

Harris County (TX) Emergency Services District 11 recently took delivery of 40 American Emergency Vehicles (AEV) Type 1 ambulances.

The rigs are built on Ford F-550 chassis powered by a hybrid gasoline engine and battery system.

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New Frederick County (MD) Fire Station to House Paramedic Unit

The strategic location of the station will improve service outcomes for all residents, county leaders say.

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Calcutta (OH) Fire Department Puts First Ambulance into Service

The Calcutta Fire Department's new ambulance sits in front a garage bays.

The Calcutta, Ohio, Volunteer Fire Department announced it put its first ambulance into service on June 13.

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D.C. Fire & EMS Ambulance Carjacked as EMTs Treat Patient

A gunman carjacked a D.C. Fire & EMS Ambulance Saturday morning as EMS workers treated a patient in the vehicle, according to a report.

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Horton Emergency Vehicles Delivers Its 20,000th Ambulance to Franklin Township (OH) Fire Department

Horton Emergency Vehicles built its 20,000th ambulance and delivered it to Franklin Township (OH) Fire Department.

Horton Emergency Vehicles has built its 20,000th ambulance and delivered the rig to Franklin Township (OH) Fire Department.

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Ambulance Involved in Four-Vehicle Crash in AZ

Three cars and an ambulance were involved in a crash on the Agua Fria Freeway near Indian School Road Monday night, authorities said.

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Truck Driver, Ambulance Crew Hurt in NY Crash

Photo/Brewster Fire Department

An ambulance crew and a truck driver were sent to the hospital after a crash in New York State, authorities said.

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EMS Building Opens up at Danbury (CT) Senior Living Home

A group shot around the new EMS building.

This gives equipment and personnel a place to call home on the west side and is meant to reduce response times, officials have said.

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