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Harris County (TX) Emergency Services District 11 Running Up to 28 AEV Type 1 Ambulances Delivered in Past Year

Harris County (TX) Emergency Services District 11 recently took delivery of 40 American Emergency Vehicles (AEV) Type 1 ambulances.

The rigs are built on Ford F-550 chassis powered by a hybrid gasoline engine and battery system.

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Harris County (TX) Emergency Services District 48 Receives Two Type 1 Wheeled Coach Ambulances

Harris County (TX) Emergency Services District 48 has received two new Wheeled Coach Type 1 ambulances built on Ford F-450 chassis.

Harris County (TX) Emergency Services District 48 has taken delivery of two new Type 1 Ford F-450 Wheeled Coach ambulances.

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Rincon Valley (AZ) Fire District Takes Delivery of Wheeled Coach Type 1 Ambulance

The patient module on the Wheeled Coach Type 1 built for Rincon Valley is 153 inches long, 95-inches wide, and 67-inches high.

Rincon Valley is rapidly expanding, and the fire district knew it needed to add an ambulance to be able to better respond to its population’s medical needs.

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Bethel-Tate (OH) Fire Department Takes Delivery of McCoy Miller Type 1 ALS Ambulance

McCoy Miller built this ALS Type 1 ambulance on a Ford F-550 4x4 chassis and two-door cab for Bethel-Tate (OH) Fire Department.

The department has taken delivery of a McCoy Miller Type 1 ALS ambulance that’s built on a 2021 Ford F-550 4x4 chassis with a two-door cab.

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Wheeled Coach® Names Banner Fire Equipment, Inc. As Exclusive Dealer for OK

Banner Fire Equipment is now authorized to sell, service and provide coverage for the complete line of Wheeled Coach ambulances.

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Philadelphia (PA) Fire Department To Take Delivery on Three More Custom Horton Type 1 Ambulances

Philadelphia (PA) Fire Department recently received the last three Type 1 ambulances of a 13-rig order from Horton Emergency Vehicles.

The most-recent three ambulances have bodies reduced to 159-inches long to enable them to fit in apparatus bays with length restrictions.

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Boone County (WV) Ambulance Authority Gets Wheeled Coach Critical Care Transport Ambulance

Wheeled Coach built this Type 1 Critical Care Transport/Advanced Life Support ambulance for Boone County (WV) Ambulance Authority on a Ford F-450 4x4 chassis with a club cab.

The Boone County (WV) Ambulance Authority has taken delivery on a Wheeled Coach Type 1 Critical Care Transport/Advanced Life Support ambulance.

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Pasco County (FL) Fire Rescue Goes to Road Rescue for Larger Cab Type 1 Ambulance

Road Rescue built this Type 1 UltraMedic ambulance on an International MV medium duty chassis and four-person cab for Pasco County (FL) Fire Rescue.

A new ambulance staffing model has caused Pasco County (FL) Fire Rescue to rethink the size and design of its ambulances.

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Optimizing Your Ambulance Design

Rows of ambulances are parked outside.

When you are considering priorities for your next vehicle, design priorities should be safety, functionality and value, writes Jason Haag.

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Photos: REV Group Ambulances on Display at FDIC International 2021

Many of the latest ambulances made by REV Group were on display at FDIC International 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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