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Safely Transporting Pediatric Patients

A baby holds a woman's hand.

Jason Haag reviews some of the more common devices for safely transporting pediatric patients.

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REV Group Extends Exclusive Partnership with ZeroRPM® for Idle Mitigation Technology

ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation Systems

ZeroRPM’s Idle Mitigation Systems help reduce the negative impact extended idling has on the environment, personal health, and vehicle operating costs.

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Technimount System and Philips Collaborate on the Development of Mounting Systems for the Tempus ALS

Technimount System, announced today the launch of its Bracket Pro Serie® 75 and 76.

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Technimount System Develops Flexible Neonatal Transport Solution

Technimount System's Neonatal Stretcher System

By securing medical devices in specialized mounting solutions, neonatal critical care transport teams can configure their stretcher according to their protocols with the equipment they already have.

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Development and Characterization of Two Low-Cost UV Decontamination Units for PPE and Ambulances

This article discusses the development of two ultraviolet decontamination systems that are inexpensive and simple to construct.

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Wheeled Coach® Introduces SecureAmp in its Vehicles

SecureAmp technology ensures that the batteries are protected by automatically disconnecting parasitic loads once the voltage drops below a certain threshold.

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Neptune Township (NJ) Becomes First In the Country to Incorporate New On-Board Disinfectant Spray System

The MEDS unit inside a Neptune Township EMS ambulance.

Designed by Frontline Innovations, LLC, the MEDS Unit features an onboard system to disinfect an ambulance in between emergencies.

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Disinfection Sprayers Going to NH Ambulance Services

Some 300 disinfection sprayers are going to be put in use by ambulance services throughout New Hampshire, officials said. The Granite State Health Care Coalition is providing the funding for the devices, according to U.S. News & World Report. The handheld device allows for 360-degree touchless disinfection and sanitizing. New Hampshire Bureau of EMS Chief Justin Romanello said the sprayers ...

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Technimount System Launches Stretcher Mounting Systems for Tablets

A first for the EMS industry, this innovative stretcher mounting system provides EMS responders a secure way to transport ePCR equipment.

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Gilbert (AZ) Council Approves $1.4M for Ambulances

The council will spend nearly $1.4 million for the ambulances and $250 thousand for six stretchers and power cots.

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