Washington County (CO) Commissioners Approve Contract for New EMS Facility

Alicia Barry
Akron News-Reporter, Colo.

The Washington County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday, March 29. Pastor Linda Hoover of the Howard United Methodist Church gave the invocation, which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Chairwoman Lea Ann Laybourn called the meeting to order at 9:01 a.m. The consent agenda was approved as amended.

Representatives Aaron Tilden and Colton Heaps from Millig Design were in attendance to give a design update on the new construction of the EMS facility and renovation work to the existing maintenance facility and what will be turned into ambulance parking. The scope is to take the existing maintenance shop and storage garage building, gut it to the slab including removing plumbing and electrical and replace with new. They will attach the addition on the north side, which will become one structurally with the existing building.

The existing building will be brought up to current structural codes to strengthen that building. The existing building will look brand new from the outside and inside. The maintenance shop and storage bay are the most untouched parts of the facility, but will receive all new electrical and a new restroom.

Construction costs are rising quickly and they have to take a value focused effort. One of the highest priorities for the County is a generator that will be sized for the entire building. However, it has been identified easily as something that can be added later. Another option is the ability for the ambulance crew to be able to wash ambulances inside in a heated space, but this triggers code requirements as far as having to treat water. This has been identified as “not essential” by Millig, but adds alternates to allow for the County to have control of the budget.

Commissioner Kent Vance said the County has money in the budget for a new courthouse generator. They have talked about buying two instead of one to get a discount, and in that respect, would probably go that way instead of having Millig buy one and install it for them.

Commissioner Gisele Jefferson asked if the subcontractors would be from northeast Colorado. It was relayed that plumbing and mechanical work are out of Fort Morgan; however, the Board show some hesitance to the company Millig Design had received the quote from. Bids for interior work have been received from Sterling and the concrete work from Denver. The reps said they understand the aspect of trying to keep work local. County Administrator Misty Peterson asked if they reached out to any local contractors, and they didn’t have the exacts, but said they always start locally and only expand their search if that contractor elects not to provide a bid. The reps said that now that they have bids, they can call anyone the Board would like them to and say the work is theirs for that price. However, they are aiming to have the work finished by the end of the calendar year, noting it is an aggressive, but realistic timeframe.

Commissioner Vance moved to accept the contract with Millig Design and include the oil separator; Commissioner Laybourn seconded the motion. After more discussion, the motion passed on 2-1 vote, with Commissioners Laybourn and Vance voting in favor and Commissioner Jefferson casting the opposing vote.

“I’m not opposed to the project, but I do want as much money as possible to be spent in northeast Colorado,” Commissioner Jefferson said. “That’s a whole lot of money for it to benefit the Front Range. I want to see as many local people as possible benefiting, whether it’s buying groceries or staying in a motel here instead of driving back and forth. Anything to spend money here would be appreciated.”

Millig reps replied, “This community is extremely important to us. We have made a stake for our company in the northeast portion of the state. This is our home away from home. We actually hired and relocated a construction manager to Hillrose because we’re doing so much work in this community. It is extremely important to us for these all to be successful projects and keep as much money as local as possible, but local sometimes has to have a bit of a different lens. If it’s regional that’s great, better than out of state. We try to keep things as local as possible, but if it’s something due to economics or availability, we may have to go closer to Denver, which we had to do on a couple scope items on the project.”

Maintenance Director Matt Green added that he would give them some other local recommendations to try to get bids from.

Peterson presented BP 23-09 for T-Mobile to erect a new telecommunications tower in the Woodrow area. The building permit was approved.

The Board approved the Chair to sign the letter of support for the Knights of Columbus beer garden for the Eastern Colorado Roundup.

The Board reviewed the National Sled Pullers Association contract in the amount of $12,000 for the fair. Fair Board also voted and approved it at their last meeting. The contract was approved and the Chair signed.

Last week, the Board wanted to talk about adding two more positions to the Planning and Zoning Board. After discussion with the County Attorney, he provided information that state statute says you can only have nine board members. Commissioner Vance moved to appoint Joe Wagner to Planning and Zoning as the District 1 representative and ask Elizabeth Thomason to resign. Commissioner Laybourn seconded the motion. The motion passed on 2-1 vote, with Commissioners Laybourn and Vance voting in favor and Commissioner Jefferson casting the opposing vote.

The County Attorney sent over an agreement for Coroner Dallas Bowin. Peterson sent it to Bowin to review, and he had one item he would like changed on the agreement. The attorney reviewed it again and sent it back. Bowin was in attendance at the meeting and looked over the agreement. The Board approved the new Coroner agreement.

Green had a few capital purchase requests for the fairgrounds, and added that money is in the budget for them. The first was for a 14′ dump trailer to help move equipment and materials around in the amount of $12,291.95. The purchase of the trailer was approved. The second request was for a welder generator for $6,500, which was also approved.

Judi Perry from Media Logic Radio was in attendance again to see if the commissioners had made a decision about the golf cart giveaway $3,000 buy-in, as discussed the week prior. Commission Laybourn said her only worry is that it was not budgeted for this year. Commissioner Vance felt like they could make it work. The Board then unanimously approved sponsoring a two-week period for the giveaway.

Peterson received an email stating they need to fill out the opioid settlement participation forms. The Board approved the Chair to sign.

IT Director said he and Commissioner Laybourn attended a Pro 15 meeting in Holyoke last week and some of the reusable bags they were handing out had the top ag producing counties in Colorado, and Washington County was listed. They learned they had the opportunity to advertise the County logo on 4,000-6,000 bags for $500. Kennedy was asking for approval to use economic development funds to advertise the County’s logo on the bags to distribute all across northeast Colorado. The advertising request was approved.

Peterson said she talked to DHS Director Tereasa Traxler about the wrecked van, and a salvage company wants to buy it for $3,500, which they both agree is probably best as there is no need to keep it. The insurance will issue a check for $13,644.50 as well. The Board approved the above.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:37 a.m.


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Representatives Aaron Tilden and Colton Heaps from Millig Design were in attendance to give a design update on the new construction of the EMS facility.

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