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FDNY Awards Five Year Ambulance Contract for Wheeled Coach Ambulances

The ambulance division of REV Group, a specialty vehicle manufacturer, was awarded a five-year contract to build up to 425 Type I Wheeled Coach ambulances for the Fire Department of New York (FDNY). The contract calls for a variety of vehicle configurations that is valued at approximately $160 million depending on the vehicle mix requirements. It is anticipated that ambulances related to this contract will begin to ship mid fiscal 2020. This new fleet of ambulances is built on Ford’s F-550 4×4 chassis and includes an auxiliary power unit to meet the FDNY Green initiative that enables the ambulances to fully operate without the need to run the vehicle’s engine in idle mode. Additional enhancements include high-visibility reflective safety-graphics, and a Vista brake lock to prevent vehicle theft. In 2018, FDNY recorded approximately 1.9 million ambulance runs, which is a new high for the department. REV Ambulance Group Orlando, Inc. and its Wheeled Coach brand of ambulances was the successful bidder meeting the operational and design requirements of the FDNY for this contract. “FDNY responds to a staggering 5,100 EMS calls a day, and the ambulances we build for them run non-stop. The learning we obtain from designing and building FDNY’s vehicles for the past ten years is evident in every ambulance we make,” stated Tim Sullivan, CEO of REV Group. “We build a better ambulance because of it.” FDNY has operated Wheeled Coach Ambulances for the past ten years which includes over 660 in service today. Orders are dependent upon budgetary approval and allocation, and production for this latest contract will be staged in phases based on FDNY budget funding and replacement schedules, enabling FDNY to rotate their fleet over the course of this contract term. About Rev Group REV (NYSE: REVG) is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of specialty vehicles and related aftermarket parts and services. The company serves a diversified customer base, primarily in the United States, through three segments: Fire & Emergency, Commercial, and Recreation. REV Group provides customized vehicle solutions for applications including ambulances, fire apparatus, school, shuttle and transit buses, terminal trucks, street sweepers, motorized recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and motorcoaches. The REV Group portfolio consists of 29 vehicle brands including many legendary and highly recognized brand names in their market segments. Several brands pioneered their respective product category and date back more than 50 years. For more information on REV Group, visit www.regroup.com. REV Group Announces Sweepstakes Exclusive for First Responders REV Group Debuts REV FLEX at FDIC International 2017