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Gilbert (AZ) Council Approves $1.4M for Ambulances

Photo/Gilbert Fire & Rescue

The Town of Gilbert (AZ) has agreed to start its own ambulance service and has signed off on purchasing six ambulances, according to the Arizona Republic.

The council will spend nearly $1.4 million for the ambulances and $250 thousand for six stretchers and power cots.

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The council also approved a two-year contract extension with American Medical Response (AMR). AMR, in which the city also negotiated an early out clause, will continue to operate in Gilbert until the town services are operational.

Town leaders say its ambulance service would result in lower rates and provide better care for residents. Critics of the deal say the deal is overreaching and that AMR should remain as the town’s ambulance provider.

Gilbert has had a contract with AMR for five years; and with Southwest Ambulance for 20 years prior.

The town also hire up to 15 paramedics and 15 emergency medical technicians.

Gilbert’s ambulance service would begin around May at the earliest.