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American Emergency Vehicles Becomes the First Ambulance Manufacturer to be Awarded a Green Certification from TRA

Photo/ American Emergency Vehicles

JEFFERSON, N.C. – American Emergency Vehicles (AEV), part of the REV Group (REVG) and manufacturer of Type I, II, III and Medium-Duty ambulances, is proud to announce its vehicles are now Certified Green by TRA Certification, the first ambulance manufacturer to receive this certification. AEV earned the Gold Level of Certified Green following an evaluation in three categories: Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality.

“The team at AEV is committed to ensuring our vehicles and facilities have a minimal impact on the environment, by incorporating innovative technology and processes designed to help us be green,” said Randy Hanson, President & CEO of American Emergency Vehicle.

Resource Efficiency

Located alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway, AEV is required to comply with stringent EPA requirements on disposal of waste and materials, and as a result, AEV production recycles numerous materials, including paint. The ISO 9001 paint process creates very little off-spray while collecting and reusing otherwise wasted paint.

AEV is also ISO 9001 Certified for product finishing and final assembly, utilizing numerous weld fixtures and CNC equipment in the fabrication process to reduce waste and maximize material usage. The wood products utilized in AEV ambulances are a special plywood which is plantation-grown and sustainably harvested. AEV does not utilize rain forest or natural grown wood products.

Energy Efficiency

From the AEV facilities to the vehicles produced, AEV has made strides to ensure energy efficiency. Onsite solar panels supply not only the AEV manufacturing plant, but also the broader community. Its ambulances are well-insulated and incorporate LED lighting, which is specialized to allow emergency personnel to more easily locate patient veins.  

As an optional feature AEV ambulances can be ordered with ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation System, that is exclusive to the REV Group for ambulance applications. Designed to alleviate the expenses and complications that come from constantly running an ambulance’s engine, use of the ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation System (IMS) results in less risk to the environment and personal health. With ZeroRPM, ambulance owners will see a decrease in fuel consumption, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and a decline in their vehicle operating costs.

Indoor Air Quality

AEV also incorporates low VOC interior components in its ambulances, including flooring and walls, meaning better Indoor Air Quality. With emergency vehicles, keeping microbes at bay is imperative and this is accomplished by the anti-microbial coatings applied on grab rails and entry assist/door handles.

“Eco-friendly and sustainable construction/manufacturing is prevalent in the production of homes and RVs, and now we are excited to bring this green certification to ambulances,” said Mandy Leazenby, TRA President.