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Ezras Nashim (NY) Receives Ambulance after Lengthy Battle

The photo shows the new ambulance.

The photo shows the new ambulance operated by Ezras Nashim. (Photo/Ezras Nashim Facebook)

Ezras Nashim (NY) has traded in its Chrysler Pacifica minivan for a bona fide ambulance.

The group came into possession of the rig on October 25.

The state had recently approved a license for the all-female Hasidic emergency medical service based in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn.

The decision reversed an earlier ruling that denied Ezras Nashim’s application after opposition from the all-male EMS service called Hatzalah.

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Ezras Nashim formed to serve Hasidic women who adhere to traditional concepts of modesty. The term “Ezras Nashim” generally refers to a synagogue’s women’s balcony, but can also mean “the aid of women.”

Ezras Nashim previously had to rely on FDNY to transport their female patients.

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