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Reyco Granning Introduces TransportMaster

Mt. Vernon, MO – Reyco Granning announces the combination of two product lines to create a superior solution for Shuttle Bus, Ambulance, RV and Work Truck applications.  TransportMaster® combines the durable R-Series drive axle air suspension with the latest technology in air supply, the AirMaster®. TransportMaster® is a turn-key bolt-on upgrade to replace inferior factory leaf spring on Class 3-5 Ford, Ram, ...

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Photos: REV Group Ambulances at EMS Today

  Some of our favorite photos of REV Group ambulances at EMS Today. The pictures advance on their own or you can click them to advance faster. Photos by Adam Mason.

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REV Group Advances Design of High-Risk Infection Control Ambulances

REV Group has incorporated several product options into its High-Risk Infection Control (HRIC) ambulance designs.

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Wheeled Coach Unveils New Voice-of-Customer Transit Van

MILWAUKEE, WI—Wheeled Coach, part of REV Group (REVG), the largest manufacturer of ambulances in the U.S., is debuting a new Type II Transit Van. Designed and developed after a year of research and significant voice-of-customer (VOC) input from dealers around the country, the new Wheeled Coach Type II Transit Van will replace the existing configuration. The new Wheeled Coach Ford ...

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Remounts Defined: CAAS Releases National Standard for Ambulance Remounts

As CAAS prepared for the release of GVS V2.0 in July 2019, the newly developed GVS Remount Standard that is included as part of the updated V2.0 document stands out as a major development in enhancing the safety, quality, and durability of remounted ambulances as the most rapidly growing segment of the emergency vehicle market.

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New Gold Cross ambulance unique in region

The vehicle is specially outfitted with a TV and Xbox so kids can watch movies or play games on long trips. A new ambulance has joined the Gold Cross EMS fleet, and it has been outfitted and designed with children in mind. Read more at www.augustachronicle.com   While it is one of four Gold Cross ambulances fitted for neonatal and ...

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